How much Cyber.kdz slang do you know? Before you take the text, you can review the Cyber.kdz Slang Dictionary first if you want.
Don't need to study? Think you're hot? No 501's allowed if you fail!
  A tub is:  
      The place where you keep your ducks
A modem that's so slow you can finish all your homework before it downloads a jpeg
A fat man who creates viruses
  A grephead is someone who:  
      Thinks computers are the only thing worth talking about
Puts too much mousse in their hair
Knows what the UNIX commands /awk, /tar and /tee mean.
  The beam is:  
      A private real-time chat line
An infrared communication device Sanjeev invented
The Internet
  If something fails:  
      It's really cool
It sucks
It's broken
  If you pick up a flu:  
      You get to miss school
You better hope you have a good back up of your hard drive
You just received an air mail letter from a friend
  Godzilla is: (You better get this one!)  
      A monster
A monster
Deeder's tricked out computer for killing viruses.
  The talkway is:  
      The Net
The telephone system
The Inmarsat satellite communication system
  Scum of the Earth are:  
      People who try to censor the Internet
People who create viruses
People who listen to Muzak for fun
  If you are comming with a friend, you are:  
      Exchanging emails
Hanging out and just talking
Plotting to crash into a computer system