Don't know what the Kids are talking about? Look it up here in the Slang Dictionary. When you thin you've got it down, try the Cyber.kdz Slang Test.

501: Excuse that’s full of holes.
  A-OLS: Administrators On-Line. Computer service administrators who police the on-line services. They are not fond of kids who don’t follow the rules.
  BEAM: Real-Time chat line that is private to the Kids.
  CANCER: Deadly virus.
  COMM & COMMING: To communicate via email or real-time text messages.
  COMMBOT: Program that automatically logs the conversation during a Cyber.Kdz comm.
  CRASH INTO: Break through security to gain access to a private network. Scrunch.
  DOTGOV: Government Officials (derived from the .gov ending of government email addresses).
  DOUGHBRAINS: People who use the net only to make money.
  DRIVEL: 99% of what passes through the net.
  FAILS, FAILED: Stinks; sucks. As in Life fails. Deeder created this slang early in his flu-hunting career when a virus destroyed the boot sector of his hard disk and he sat staring at the message on his screen Device C: Failed. Abort? Retry? Ignore?
  FLU: Bad virus.
  FRY A SCREEN: Send a flame (a flame is a mean or angry message).
  GODZILLA: Computer owned by Deeder that is tricked out and optimized for detecting and destroying flus and cancers.
  GREPPER or GREPHEAD: Someone who is really into UNIX. (Comes from the UNIX command grep).
  KID: Fellow member of Cyber.kdz.
  NASA FLU: A virus the Kids found on the NASA network that endangered the lives of astronauts. Deeder’s father was falsely accused of creating the virus.
  PLAYDOUGH: The money you need to spend to be online.
  PERCOLATOR: Program for the Web written in JAVA.
  SCRUNCH: See Crash into.
  SCUM OF THE EARTH: People who create cancers.
  SMART TERMINALS: Universities.
  SPIN THE WEB: Browse the World Wide Web.
  STIKS: Shirt, Tie, Keyboard. Boring corporate IS people.
  TAKE A DRIVE FOR A SPIN: Search through a huge database.
  TALKWAY: The Wire.
  THE WIRE: The Internet.
  THREAD SLED: World Wide Web Browser. Software used to spin the web. (You're using one now).
  TUB: A slow modem (9600 baud or less). Also known as a Slow Boat.