(A UFO Story)
Josh Elliot
(Written for his sisters Sarah & Rebecca)

Josh was sitting alone on a hill one night when he saw it.
It landed in the gully right in front of him.
It had flashing lights and strange antennae.
And it looked like it was covered in hair!
Josh didn’t expect that.

A small window opened. An eye looked out. It stared right at Josh.
Josh didn’t move. He held his breath. He didn’t even blink. The eye didn’t blink either.
Josh thought he was going to die. He didn’t want to move, but he needed to breath. Suddenly the window slammed shut. The thing shook a little and made a noise kind of like a giant vacuum. Then it flew away leaving a trail of sparkling strands of light.

Josh took a deep breath and then ran down to where it had landed. There were round marks in the ground from its landing pads. Next to the marks Josh found a plastic comb. He picked it up. Then it began to rain.

Josh didn't mind. This was great. He couldn't wait to tell his parents. He ran all the way home.
His parents were watching television. Josh stood in front of the TV and told them about the landing.

They didn't believe him. So he showed them the comb.
"It's just a comb," they said.
Josh made them follow him to the landing spot. But the rain had washed away the round marks.
His parents were angry. They had missed their favorite TV show, Wheel of Blubber.

The next day it was show and tell in class.
Jean showed a hat from Mexico and did a dance around it.
Bob told about his snowboarding vacation and let everyone sign his cast.
Kimberly showed a picture she made of her cat. Then her cat showed a picture she made of Kimberly.
Tyson told a joke while standing on his hands and eating a sandwich. Then he went to see the nurse.

It was Josh’s turn. He held up the comb.
"This," he said, "is from outer space."
Everyone laughed. The teacher suggested that Josh sit down.
"Perhaps you’ll find something better to show next week," she said.

Josh went to his Uncle's house.
His Uncle was a Mad Scientist. He also had really wild hair.
Josh showed him the comb.
His Uncle wasn't impressed. He was busy working on an anti-matter ray.
"Stand back!" he shouted. "Prince will soon be a anti-dog!"
Prince didn’t seem that worried.

Josh took the comb to the playground. His best friends were there. They were playing Junior Energy Rodents.
Josh interrupted their game.
"This better be good," they said.
"It is," said Josh. "Look!" He showed them the comb.
"So what," they said, "it's just a comb."
"But," Josh said, "it came from outer space,"
"Sure it did, Josh," they said.
His friends twirled their fingers around their ears and rolled their eyes. Some of them tried to look really crazy. It wasn’t that hard for them to do.

Josh left the playground. No one believed him.
Everyone thought he was nuts.
Josh thought that maybe they were right.
He took the comb back to the hill and sat down. He wasn't very happy.

After a long time it came back and landed right next to Josh.
Something walked out. Josh didn't know what it was. But it had really wild hair.
"Oh," it said, "you have it."
It reached over and took the comb from Josh's hands.
"Thank you," it said. "We've been looking all over for this."
It got back in. Then it stuck its head out the window.
"Oh... And here's a little something for your trouble."
It tossed a shiny object towards Josh.
The thing took off. Josh watched the strands of light fade away behind it.

When he couldn't see it anymore, Josh bent down and picked up the shiny thing that had landed at his feet. It was made of metal and had pictures of planets and stars and writing in strange letters.
It was an outer space coin.

Josh put the coin in his pocket and began to walk home.
Josh was sure he wasn't nuts.
But he didn't need to tell anyone.


The End

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1996 Josh Elliot & Bruce Balan. This story may not be copied without the permission of Bruce Balan.