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Birthday: 24 November
  Sign: Sagittarius
  Really Likes: Metal, Curry, Coding in 32-bit operating systems
  Kinda Likes: Not much
  Hates: Not much
  Good At: Hacking, Coding anything, Ingenious & creative ways to to anything with a computer
  Favorite Foods: Curry. Curry. Curry.
  Lives with: Mother, father and older sister.
  Other Info: Sanj is unique. He's pretty mellow (unless he's at a metal concert). Still, you don't want to push him past his limit. Both of his parents are engineering professors at the University. Sanj lives strange hours; he's usually up really late with his headphones on, banging on the keyboard. He is convinced that he knows more about curry than any other living person.

Some of Sanjeev's Favorite Links

Sanj is too busy coding to put links up right now...