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The 1998 Read In! was fantastic. I had such a great time. I felt like an old hand at it since this was my second  year. What a great event (thanks to Jane Coffey!) Just as last year, my half-hour went really fast.
This year I did the Read In! from a hotel room in Denver, Colorado. I was there visiting the Rocky Mountain Children's Book Festival. Below are some pictures documenting my day. Click on the thumbnail to see bigger pictures. You'll also find the text of my 1998 Read In comm, here.
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If you want to get your school involved in The Read In!, visit to www.readin.org
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take a picture
My Read In experience didn't start very well because my flight from San Francisco to Denver was delayed. I didn't arrive into my Denver hotel room until 2:30AM
readin98-01s.jpg (2945 bytes)
I woke up early and decided to shower before taking a picture of myself. I look lots happier than I did last year at 6:00am!
readin98-03s.jpg (2769 bytes) Here's the desk where I'll write from. I have to go to my presentation at the book festival but I try logging on before I leave. Oh no! I can't get on! (Later, I find out there were Internet problems keeping some people off the Net).
readin98-04s.jpg (4264 bytes)
Here are some of the students I spoke to at the book festival.
readin98-05s.jpg (4242 bytes)
And here are some more.
readin98-09s.jpg (3505 bytes)
After my presentation and signing, I go back to my hotel room. Here's the view looking up out the window of my room.
readin98-08s.jpg (3171 bytes)
And here's the view looking down.
readin98-15s.jpg (2959 bytes)
I get comfortable and take off my shoes. I hate to write with shoes on!
readin98-10s.jpg (3314 bytes)
I try to log on and.... success! Here, I'm chatting with Jessica <Moderator3> before I go on.
readin98-11s.jpg (3217 bytes)
And we're off. I'm typing so fast my fingers get hot. They fly over the keys like there's no stopping them. I'm having fun! The questions are great and I really enjoy answering them.
readin98-12s.jpg (2808 bytes)
Too soon, it's over. I take a celebratory photo.
readin98-13s.jpg (3303 bytes)
The desk is a mess from the torrent of words that flew from my finger tips.
readin98-14s.jpg (3434 bytes)
I watch some of my author friends do their sessions and then relax with a good book. I finish the book I started on the plane last night: A Lion To Guard Us by Clyde Robert Bulla.

And that's it. Boo-hoo is what I say. I love the Read In! and don't want to wait another year! Until then... Keep Reading!
Here are pictures from my 1997 Read In experience.