Any Kid knows that, on the Wire, you meet people from many different countries. You have to be prepared. Here are some of the international words and phrases used by the Cyber.kdz.

À la prochaine French: Until next time
Abraços Portuguese: Hugs
Adeus Portuguese: Good-bye
Amazonas Portuguese: Amazon
America do Sul Portuguese: South America
Anda! Portuguese: Move it!
Aqui Portuguese: Here
Arretez French: Stop!
Até mais Portuguese: Until then
Au revoir French: Good-bye
Beijos Portuguese: Kisses
Bo saras Gujarati: Cool
Boa noite Portuguese: Good Evening, Good Night
Bom dia Portuguese: Good Morning, Good Day
Bom Portuguese: Good
Bon appetite French: Good appetite. Enjoy your meal.
Bonjour French: Good Day
Bonsoir French: Good Evening
Brasil Portuguese: Brazil
C’est bon French: This is good
C’est brilliant French: That’s brilliant
C’est incroyable French: That’s incredible
C’est terrible French: This is terrible
C’est vrai French: This is true
Claro Portuguese: Of course
Cocada Portuguese: A chewy candy made from coconut and sugar.
Com amizade Portuguese: With friendship
Com esperança Portuguese: With hope
Com minha afeição Portuguese: With my affection
Com minha simpatia Portuguese: With my sympathy
Com todo o meu amor Portuguese: With all my love
Com todo o meu coração Portuguese: With all my heart
Cuidado Portuguese: Be careful. Watch out
D’Accord French: Of Course
Da sua grande amiga Portuguese: From your best friend
Daag Dutch: Good-bye
Dankjewel Dutch: Thanks
De nada Portuguese: Your welcome
Droga! Portuguese: Shoot! Darn!
Et moi French: And me
Fantastique French: Fantastic
Félicitations French: Congratulations
Filha Portuguese: Daughter
Fiquei chateada Portuguese: I am upset
fl. Dutch: abbreviation for Florin, the unit of Dutch currency
Gaaf Dutch: Cool
Goedemorgen Dutch: Good morning
Goedenacht Dutch: Good night
Graças a Deus Portuguese: Thank God
Guarda-Costa Portuguese: Coast Guard
Ha Gujarati: Yes
Hallo Dutch: Hello
Hallo French: Hello
Ja Dutch: Yes
Je suis d’accord French: I agree
Kemcho Gujarati: Hello
Me Desculpa Portuguese: I’m sorry
Menina, Menino Portuguese: Little girl, Little boy
Merci beaucoup French: Thank you very much
Merci French: Thank you
Mère French: Mother
Mes amis French: My friends
Mes meilleurs amis French: My best friends
Meu amigo, Minha amiga Portuguese: My friend
Meu Deus! Portuguese: My God!
Meu grande amigo Portuguese: My best friend
Meu querido Portuguese: My dear
Minha filha Portuguese: My daughter
Mon ami French: My friend
Mon Dieu French: My God! My goodness!
Muito bom Portuguese: Very good
Muito obrigada Portuguese: Many thanks
Na Gujarati: No
  Namastaji Gujarati: Hello  
  Namaste Hindi: Greetings  
Nee Dutch: No
O cruzeiro do sul Portuguese: The southern cross
Obrigada, Obrigado Portuguese: Thank you
Oi Portuguese: Hello
Os três turistas Portuguese: The three tourists
Oui French: Yes
Oujo Gujarati: Good-bye
Palhaço, Palhaços Portuguese: Clown, Fool (Clowns, Fools)
Petróleo Portuguese: Oil
Policia Federal Portuguese: Federal Police
Querida amiga Portuguese: Dear friend
Querida, Querido Portuguese: Dear
Queridos amigos Portuguese: Dear friends
  Raat Gujarati: 'Night (as in Good Night)  
Requeijão Portuguese: A cream cheese-like spread
  Roti Hindi: A type of bread  
S’il vous plaît French: Please
Senhor Portuguese: Mr.
Senhora Portuguese: Mrs.
Senhorita Portuguese: Miss or Ms.
Sim Portuguese: Yes
Sinceramente Portuguese: Sincerely
Sincèrement French: Sincerely
Sr. Portuguese: Abbreviation for Senhor
Sra. Portuguese: Abbreviation for Senhora
Srta. Portuguese: Abbreviation for Senhorita
Sua amiga Portuguese: Your friend
Tof Dutch: Great, cool
Ton ami French: Your friend
Très chic French: Very chic; very fashionable
Turistas Portuguese: Tourists
Um beijo Portuguese: A kiss
Vamos! Portuguese: Let’s go!