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New Cyber.kdz readers have
2 new places to Comm
Cyber.kdz readers have two new places to meet! Thanks to JoshtheAlien, a great CK fan, for creating a new message board and chat room for all Cyber.kdz fans.
You can find the message board at
and you can Comm with other fans in the chat room at
The chat room is password protected. Here's a clue (think CK #1):


(Another hint, it's the third brightest star)

 Willkommenes, Deutschland!
Cyber.kdz in Germany
Cyber.kdz :1 has been released in Germany. The title is Virenjagd (Virus Hunt). The book is part of the Nachtbrenner imprint published by Ariadne. Take a look at the bottom of this page to see what the cover looks like.
Willkommen to all the new Cyber.kdz readers in Germany!
Coming soon: CK :2 - Pixelbluff

Also check out the covers of the 3 Italian Cyber.kdz below.

Cyber.kdz author Bruce Balan's latest book: Buoy, Home at Sea
Sorry, it's not a new Cyber.kdz book. In fact, it's very different from CK :1-:6. But it's really good. Honest. Read more about Buoy, here. You can be sure that Tereza loves this book!
(It's being published in 11 languages)
Bruce will also have young adult novel out in 2001 and a new picture book in 2002.

Author Bruce Balan is back from the sea
Bruce took a year off and sailed his boat from San Francisco, CA to Mexico. Here's a map of his trip.


Don't know what gaaf means? Look it up in the Cyber.kdz International Dictionary.


German Cyber.kdz

CK 1 Germany.jpg (5115 bytes)  CK 2 Germany.jpg (4633 bytes)

Virus Hunt    Pixel-bluff

published by
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bnachtbrennerlight.gif (10264 bytes)

Italian Cyber.kdz

Italian CK 1.jpg (40159 bytes) Italian CK 3.jpg (42023 bytes) Italian CK 2.jpg (42028 bytes)

Terrorists in Cyberspace
A Lethal Virus
All for a Photo

published by
pmhome.gif (3404 bytes)

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