On the Air Waves!
Cyber.kdz author Bruce Balan was a featured guest on the AAHS World Radio Network on 31 May. The show was broadcast live from Universal Studios Hollywood. Here's Bruce's digital photo log of the day. (Click on the thumbnails to view a larger image).

My Trip to AAHS!

The entrance sign to Universal Studios. Here I am proving I was really there. I'm the one pointing at the sign. The sign is the big tall thing with letters on it that's being pointed at.

We got to the park early so we could go on some of the rides (Radio AAHS gave us free tickets!). Whose we? From left to right: Bob the Dad, Paul the Uncle, Jean the Mom, Loren the Nephew, and the last one... you just have to guess. That's not really the Hollywood sign behind us -- it's a fake backdrop.
(By the way, recognize any of the names?)

Time for the show. Here's Radio AAHS DJ Bruce Barker; the main man. He's a fun guy to meet, and just as nice as he looks.
(No, that isn't his Barbie software sitting there -- it's one of the give-aways...).

Producer Rita and Nice-guy Dan look on during a music break. Rita wielded her clipboard with precision to keep us on-time.

There I am! Sitting on the right behind the mike looking like a real radio personality... and hoping I don't sound like a dork over the air!
It was fun being on the radio. We talked about the books (of course), cyber.kdz.com, where I got the names of the characters, and the process of writing and researching Cyber.kdz. We even gave away free copies of the books to callers.

Here are Airforce DJs Lindsay and Jennifer. They were great. Asked good questions and let me talk a lot. Jennifer even said her Mom is a librarian who was familiar with the picture books I wrote before Cyber.kdz. That was cool!

Too soon the show was over and we all (including Loren) posed for a happy photo.
Thanks to everyone at RADIO AAHS. My trip to AAHS was totally GAAF!